About Us

MAX Cable Trays was founded in the year 1998. The promoters has hands on the job experience in installing Cable Trays and Supports to be able to design and manufacture the quality products in cable management system.

We are one of the competitive cable tray manufacturer in India and our products are mainly consumed by the leading MEP contractors and Electrical Contracts.

Based on our experience, manufacturing commenced with a tilt towards prefabricated, pretested easy to transport, receive, stock and assemble at site products. 
With the introduction of Cable Clamping, Supporting and Routing products we have got the rank of complete cable management solution provider in the industry.

In MAX quality parameters have always been achieved with better design of products and tooling. And we are one of the cable tray manufacturer who are certified on ISO standards in the industry.

Our quality standards helped us to penetrate in the local as well as in the international market and currently our products are exported to various countries.

Our quality standards, Comparative cost, Onsite support helps the consultants to suggest our products on top of others in the market