Accessories Perf Bolted Rung Ladder Cable Tray

Hold down clamp for cable tray
MAX offers standard Accessories for Perforated and Bolted Rung type Ladder Cable Trays
which are of high quality with competitive in cost and has an excellent finish to suit any kind of applications.

The following are the accessories which are our standard products to suite the cable trays.

1. Earth Flat Clamp for Ladder Cable Trays
To avoid welding of Earthing Flats inside the Ladder Tray thus saving space and preventing load and acting as a reinforcement instead.

2. Sleeve Coupler for Ladder Cable Trays and Perforated Cable Trays
Used as reinforcement when support span between Ladder Trays or is more or when Ladder Tray/ Perforated Cable Tray sizes exceed 750mm width. (available as an option)
3. Sleeve Coupler with Rung for Ladder Cable Trays
Used to bridge gaps (Upto 200mm) between 2 Ladder Cable Trays thus eradicating the need to cut a full length Ladder Cable Tray for the same application. 

4. Extra Long Couplers for Ladder Cable Trays.
Used when the support span between Ladder Cable Trays is more.
5. Adjustable Vertical Couplers for Ladder and Perforated Cable Trays.
Used for minor degree offsets in the upward or downward direction for Cable Trays
6. Adjustable Horizontal Couplers for Ladder & Perforated Cable Trays 
Used for minor degree offsets in the left or the right direction for Cable Trays.
7. Hook Clamp for Ladder Cable Tray
To hold cables onto the Rung of Bolted Rung Type Ladder Cable Tray. 
8. Split Clamp for Ladder Cable Tray.
To hold cables onto the C- Strut inserted in place of Rung of Ladder Tray.
9. Cable Binder for Perforated & Ladder Cable Trays
To bind single cables or a bunch of cables onto Rung of Ladder Tray or Perforated Cable Tray.
10. Hold Down Clamp for Perforated Cable Tray.
To hold the Perforated Cable Tray onto bottom support in the form of Punched Angle.
11. Hold Down Clamp for Ladder Cable Tray:
To hold the Ladder Cable Tray onto bottom support in the form of Punched Angle.
12. Covers for Perforated & Ladder Cable Trays
Used to shield cables on Perforated Cable Trays as well as Ladder Cable Trays.
Covers shall be of Pregalvanised Finish (for Hot Dip Galvanized Cable Trays), Powder Coated (Stainless Steel & Covers shall be Flat or Domed Shape,
13. Offset Reducers for Perforated and Ladder Cable Trays
Used instead of fabricated reducers when reduction in Cable Tray sizes is up to 300mm.
Economical as compared to a fabricated reducer. 
14. Clamp to fix Raceway on to Side Rail of Ladder Tray.
Special Clamp which is used to run Ladder Cable Trays and Trunking on the same platform.
Developed for Microsoft Hyderabad (Server Room).
Special Design developed which enabled Ladder Cable Trays and Trunking to run on the same platform.