C Strut Support System

We are specialized in manufacturing the C Strut Support System of standard as well as of custom sizes as per the customer order.

Our standard size has the following features.

  1. Available in long lengths 3 Mtrs & 6 Mtrs.

  2. Available in standards sections namely 40 x 20 and 41 x 41

  3. C- Strut available in Hot Dip Galvanized, Pre-galvanised and Powder Coated.

  4. Available with or without slots. MAX has a general practice to punch the C-Strut for multiple applications.

  5. C-Strut Racks can be fabricated out of the C-Strut sections.

  6. Wide Range of accessories available for fixing such as:

  •   Spring Nuts
  •   Beam Clamp
  •   Framing Accessories like Elbows, Tees, Base Plate and Angle.
  •   Cable Clamping accessories like Hook Clips and Split Clips

"C" Strut Applications

Floor / Ceiling Applications
                                                                                                                 Framing Applications

C Strut Racks                                                                                                        Clamping Accessories with C Strut