FAQ Cable trays

What is Cable tray?

Cable trays  provide a support system  for managing cables  in a Building or other places. Cable tray installation provide instant approach to maintain and replacement of cables without any difficulty, cable trays give excellent ventilation and enhance life of cables. We are a Coimbatore, India based company and are acknowledged for our high quality Cable tray as per set standards . We are not only known in the domestic market but also in the international sphere. Our wide gamut of cable trays products include Ladder type Cable tray and Perforated Cable tray.

Do we have wiki to know more about Cable tray?

Yes, here is the wiki link "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cable_tray"

What type of codes and standards followed in Cable trays by MAX Cable trays, Coimbatore?.
We are strictly following the international cable tray standards and you can quickly get into their standards page to know more about it "http://www.cabletrays.com/codes-standards.html"