Flange Ladder Cable Tray

Flange In Ladder Cable Tray
A cable tray consisting of two longitudinal side members connected by individual transverse members, designed to support power cable, control cable, instrumentation, and telecom/data.

• Meets the International Cable Tray Standards

• Typically used for heavier duty power applications by power plants, pulp and paper mills, petrochemical plants and industrial construction requiring strength and reliability

• Our flange out design utilizes exclusive technology which completely welds entire cross section of rungs to the outside of the rails for optimum structural integrity and reduced side rail rotation
Flange Out Ladder Cable Tray

• Best for supporting various diameter power cables, instrumentation, and control
• Capable of long support spans of 12 to 24 feet

• Available in FLANGE IN or FLANGE OUT design

• Significant cost savings over conduit & wire