Punched Angle Cable Supports

MAX Brand Punched Angle Cable Supports are flexible and easy to use systems which has different Thicknesses ranging from 35 x 5 to 65 x 6 with different Punching Patterns.


1. Easily understood by project engineers at site.
2. Different Thicknesses identified by different Punching Patterns.
3. Available with MAX Innovated Mounting Products.
4. The entire system being bolted removes the need for welding, which ensures speedy installation as well as better appearance.

Available Ranges

Sr.No. Product Name Standard Length(mm) Section(mm)
1 MAX Punched Angle 3000 35 x 5
2 MAX Punched Angle 3000 50 x 5
3 MAX Punched Angle 3000 50 x 6
4 MAX Punched Angle 3000 65 x 6

Available Finishes: As per customer requirements.