Special Cable Tray Support

MAX Brand Special Cable Tray support systems are classified as Beam Brackets, Bottle Brackets and Purlin Brackets.

Beam Bracket:
Bottle Bracket Cable Tray Support
Purlin Bracket Cable tray support
Cable Tray Support Beam Bracket

1. Clamps onto I-Beam/Channel/Angle & provides scope for suspension/ supporting load.
2. Can be popularly used to suspend light loads form I Beam.

Bottle Bracket

1. MAX Innovation..
2. Eliminates need for Second Threaded Rod Suspension thus economical.

Sr.No. Part Code Product Name Width (mm)
1 MXBB50 Threaded Rod Bottle Bracket 50
2 MXBB75 Threaded Rod Bottle Bracket 75
3 MXBB100 Threaded Rod Bottle Bracket 100
4 MXBB150 Threaded Rod Bottle Bracket 150

Purlin Bracket
1. MAX Innovation.
2. Eliminates need for Welding Supports on Z Purlin.

Sr.No. Part Code Product Name Width of Purlin(mm)
1 MXPB45 Purlin Bracket 45
2 MXPB60 Purlin Bracket 60
3 MXPB65 Purlin Bracket 65
4 MXPB75 Purlin Bracket 75